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Energy use is of one the biggest costs to business and has the biggest impact on the climate. Using data and analytics in our éIQ™ platform we can identify savings in energy consumption in milliseconds. Our predictive capabilities allow business to forecast costs, savings and impact to the hour, in real-time.



We believe in a carbon zero future and one in which there are lower levels of pollutants in our land and air and water. Our platform allows businesses to connect operational and financial KPIs with sustainability targets. This includes direct carbon emissions and all other GHG Scope 1 – 3 indirect emissions & methane.



The live measurement of changes in environmental and atmospheric conditions based on business and industrial activity, is core to our vision of a cleaner, more sustainable tommorrow

Our éIQ™ platform connects millions of satellite, atmospheric and environmental data points to give the world’s first and most advanced live impact of activity to an unparalleled spatial resolution.

Additionally, our real-time and time-dynamic data products built in conjunction with the world’s leading research universities provide the most advanced predictions of environmental risks such as flooding and radon.

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